Lucy Samantha Rayner B.Ost MICO is an accomplished and experienced Registered Classical and Cranial Osteopath, qualified since 2005.


With over 10 Years experience working in private practice in London,

'Lucy the Osteopath' is based exclusively at Anamaya in Kensington. 


Lucy’s method combines a supportive coaching style to her practice of Osteopathy, a unique fusion of Classical and Cranial Osteopathy principles and techniques, in order to create an individual treatment plan for you, based on your health history and physical assessment of your body’s function and structure.


We are proud to have created an environment with high professional standards and luxury feel, with a very accessible and relaxed atmosphere. 

We want you to feel as comfortable as possible during your visit whilst your physical pain and discomfort and postural habits are being addressed and resolved effectively.


We can assist by improving your health, well-being and lifestyle, as well as helping to resolve acute and chronic physical and emotional issues for you.



Our integrated holistic approach to your treatment encourages restoration of movement and symmetry to the entire body's structure, bringing back optimal integration and quality of body tissues, improving function to muscles, joints and organs, encouraging freedom from pain and discomfort.



Our mission is to develop a tailored treatment plan to support and manage your healthcare naturally from rescue to recovery and towards long term improvement.  

Lucy is registered with most major insurance companies, including AXA PPP, AVIVA, and WPA. 


Widely used and recommended by The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence to the NHS for successful treatment of low back pain, Osteopathy coordinates all systems of the body connected to and controlled by the structure of the spine. This has the effect of giving relief to all areas of the body including head, neck, shoulder, back, arm, leg and pelvis.


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"A fully articulated and freely moving body is essential for the natural rhythm of physiological life."


-       J. Wernham D.O. 1988