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Lucy Samantha Rayner B.Ost MICO is an accomplished and experienced Classical, Cranial and Paediatric Osteopath based in London at Anamaya Kensington.

Lucy has been practicing Osteopathy since 2005, helping people in pain and discomfort with the highest standards of care set out by the profession. Lucy has over 10 Years experience specialising in Osteopathy for Back Pain, Disc & Nerve Injury, Sports & Spinal Injuries, Pitch side Sports care, Trauma & Stress Management, Women’s Health, Pregnancy & Postnatal recovery and Paediatrics.

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Lucy has over 10 years experience specialising in Classical, Cranial and Paediatric Osteopathy. Lucy has a special interest towards physical and emotional trauma, and stress management.

About Lucy

Lucy's style uniquely integrates direct and indirect approaches, tailored to your body and creating a personal treatment plan with short, medium and long term goals suited to your needs.

Classical and Cranial Osteopathy

Lucy’s professional blog with articles, advice, product reviews & discount codes.

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Sports Injuries, Obstacle Sports Event & Marathon Training and recovery, Gym injury and recovery.

Spine & Posture

Improve posture & Spinal health. Recovery from Herniated & Prolapsed “Slipped” intervertebral discs. Consultation & MRI Referral same day.

Mother & Baby

Postural changes from pregnancy. Paediatric advice & treatment for babies and children under 18.

Trauma & Stress

Recovery from spasm & shock, physical and emotional. Stress management, support & advice.