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Lucy frequently recommends interesting research-led books to her patients to aid them in further understanding of their health. 

A few commonly recommended are below:

Dirty Genes - Dr Ben Lynch

Tongue Tied - Dr Richard Baxter (paediatric dentist) 

The China Study - T Colin Campbell

The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby & Child Care - Sally Fallon Morell & Thomas S Cowan MD (based on the works of Weston A Price. Dr Cowan is interesting- he is inspired by Weston A Price & Rudolf Steiner) 

The 8 Hour Sleep Paradox - Dr Mark Burhenne (functional dentist)

Dental Distress - AC Fonder

Cure Tooth Decay - Ramiel Nagel

Crazy Good Living - Dr Alvin Danenberg (functional periodontist) - based on the works of Weston A Price. 

Fats that heal fats that kill - Udo Erasmus

Born to Run - Christopher McDougall

The Invisible Rainbow - Arthur Firstenberg